The Money Planner

Our brand new Money Planner is an online tool which helps us better understand your financial situation and what help you could be entitled to.

 When you submit your form into our Money Planner, one of our helpful colleagues in our Financial Inclusion Team will review your information to see if there is anything we can support you with. If there is, they’ll be in touch to arrange this within five working days.

How do I access the Money Planner?

It’s quick and easy to use our Money Planner and is accessed straight through MyAccount!

Login to MyAccount

On your navigation bar, select ‘Other services


Select the Money planner icon:  


There are two sections to complete:  

  • Money Confidence questions – this section is made us of six questions to help us better understand your  current situation
  • Budgeting form -  This helps us understand where money is coming in and going out  

The form will complete all calculations automatically, and your progress will display in a bar at the top of each screen  


Once you’ve filled in all your information, click ‘Submit’. You’ll receive a thank you message. You can        review your submitted form under the ‘My Requests’ section in MyAccount.

Want more information about the team and helpful money saving tips? Visit Optivo - Money & benefits guidance*