Energy efficiency advice

Image: A family being energy efficientEnergy efficient homes are great for the environment, and they can also have a hugely positive impact on the lives of our residents too.

As well as being more comfortable, an energy efficient home can help you stay healthy and save you money on your gas, electric and water bills.

How do we make our homes energy efficient?

We run home improvement projects, also known as ‘retrofit’, which includes things like insulation in the walls and the loft, draught proofing and secondary glazing.

We also install renewable technologies, such as air source heat pumps, and trial new smart technology.

Find out more about recent funding we received for two major programmes to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Hastings.

We can help you reduce your energy bills

Oli Bell, Energy AdviserPatrick Kajura, Energy Adviser

Our dedicated energy advisers, Oli and Patrick, can visit you in your home to help you save money.

They can:
  • Find cheaper energy tariffs
  • Provide access to grants and discounts from the Warm Home Discount scheme, Priority Services Register, Charis and WaterSure.
  • Give general advice on lowering energy consumption
  • Provide access to free draught proofing and secondary glazing for single glazed windows and doors.
Image: Optivo resident Bukola explains how being energy efficient has helped save her money
Bukola (left) is just one resident who has really benefited from their help after her energy company mistakenly landed her with a £640 bill.

As well as negotiating her a refund, our advisers were able to find her a much cheaper deal with another company.

She said: “This is a fantastic service and I would recommend more residents using it. There are potentially many more people out there like me who are paying bills that are much too high, and I advise everyone to double check the amounts.”

How can we help?

If you would like a visit from one our energy advisers, or you would like information from the wider team, please get in touch using our easy online form.

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Top energy-saving tips:

Read our top tips to help you save energy and cut the cost of your bills:


Turning your appliances off completely when they’re not in use, instead of keeping them on standby, can save you up to £30 per year.


You can save a lot on electricity if you turn lights off in unused rooms. Also, switching to LED bulbs can save you around £35 per year.


Compare energy tariffs online – the best deals are offered to new customers and there are also discounts for paying by direct debit.

In the Kitchen

Small changes can save you up to £50 per year, including:
  • Filling up a bowl in the sink to do the washing up rather than leaving the tap running
  • Only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need
  • Using fuller loads in the washing machine to reduce the number of cycles
  • Allowing food to cool down before putting it in the fridge.


Lowering your thermostat by just 1ºC can save you up to £30 per year. The recommended temperature for your living room is 21ºC, and it’s 18 ºC for the rest of your home.


  • Keep furniture clear of radiators to allow the warm air to circulate around the room.
  • Consider fitting a radiator reflector panel that can reduce the heat lost through external walls.
  • Do not dry your clothes on the radiators. Drying your clothes in this way reduces the heat in the room and it causes condensation issues.