New G15 film asks politicians to properly fund affordable homes


04 March 2020

image: Housing Crisis is broken campaignAhead of Budget Day, the G15 group of London’s largest housing associations is asking people to use their voice to call for more funding for affordable homes.

As a member of the G15, Optivo are passionate about tackling the housing crisis and are in full support of the G15's latest campaign to raise awareness and help fix the housng market.

A short film has been launched that highlights the negative effects on people who are locked out of the housing market, especially younger people. It mentions the importance of a good home to wellbeing, job prospects and the local economy.

Funding for affordable homes has been cut in the last 10 years and the film calls for government to take action and reverse this trend.

image: Helen Evans from Network Homes and Chair of g15Helen Evans, Chair of the G15 and Chief Executive of Network Homes, said: “Millions of Londoners want a safe and secure home, but affordable homes need to be funded properly.

We’re calling on government to match our ambitions for growth by funding an expanded affordable homes programme, delivering a range of affordable homes, over the next ten years.

“We want this film to help inspire people who need affordable homes to use their voice to call upon government to take action.”

Want to help make a difference?

You can show your support by sharing the video above with your local MP on on social media. 

To find out more about the G15 visit

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