We've launched our new employability project - WorkSmart


29 October 2020Image: Man shaking hands in interview

At Optivo, our residents are at the heart of everything we do, that’s why we have just launched our brand new employability project ‘WorkSmart’, supporting our residents who are out of work to find suitable and sustainable employment.

WorkSmart offers a personal job coaching service, supporting and inspiring our residents for the entire duration of their job seeking journey.

By using links with employers and knowledge of the local job market, WorkSmart will help bridge any skill gaps, enabling you to access all working opportunities.

This community based project focuses on real local employment opportunities, as opposed to generally improving skills. This is a long term approach encouraging participants to address multiple issues during their time on project.

For more information, contact Lisa Buckland, Employment Support Manager, on lisa.buckland@optivo.org.uk