We're working with local authorities to help prevent fly tipping in Sussex


07 February 2018Image: dumped waste on estate

Working together with Hastings Borough Council, Optivo were able to successfully resolve an issue following a major fly tipping instance around a communal area in Sussex.

A member of Optivo's Estate Services team first came across the dumped items outside a block of flats during a Health & Safety inspection in St Leonards.

Once discovering the person responsible, they were warned by the member of staff to clear up the disposed items. The resident responsible refused to cooperate, adding further dumped items to the communal area.

Hastings Waste and Street Scene Services Team were contacted and attended the site after the resident refused to cooperate with Optivo staff. The team issued the resident with a fly tipping fixed penalty notice of £400.

The successful partnership between Optivo and Hastings Borough Council was also a huge relief to other residents in the area who all would have been charged for the mess if the culprit hadn't been identified.

Optivo have dealt with and will continue to investigate any cases of fly tipping, using every available enforcement power against those who choose to break the law.

Fly tipping is not tolerated by Optivo. It’s not only illegal, but it’s unsightly and creates a negative impression of our estates. Optivo continues to work with Hastings Borough Council to look at ways of improving partnership working for enforcement in dealing with anti-social behaviour.

If dumped rubbish (fly-tipping) is an issue where you live please find out more about reporting this to us on our anti social behaviour pages.