Together with Tenants – we’re a full adopter!


04 December 2020

IMAGE: Together with Tenants logoWe want to work with residents to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives.

It’s why we’ve become a full adopter of Together with Tenants, an initiative launched by the National Housing Federation (NHF).

At the core of the NHF’s plan is a charter, written in collaboration with an independent Tenant Advisory Panel.

This charter sets clear expectations for what residents can expect from their landlord, with responsibilities on both sides of the relationship.

You can find out more about Together with Tenants here.

Earlier this year, we launched our Strategic Plan for 2020-25 called ‘Co-Creating Our Future’.

It described how we’ll re-shape our resident involvement approach to engage residents in re-designing our services. You can read more about this here.