New assault on the housing crisis


30 November 2018

IMAGE: James Murray and Paul HackettWe’re part of the G15, a group of London’s largest housing associations all striving towards the same goal – to solve the capital’s housing crisis and improve the lives of Londoners.

On Wednesday evening (28 November), the G15 launched its new offer to London’s boroughs at an event held at Camden Council’s offices. G15 members have pledged to form a “united front” with London’s councils to build more affordable homes and launch a new assault on the housing crisis.

The event was attended by a number of people, including residents, London's Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development James Murray and Camden Council leader Georgia Gould.

Paul Hackett, chair of the G15 and chief executive of Optivo, said: “Too many Londoners are in the grip of a housing crisis that thwarts ambition, creates homelessness, forces overcrowding, and prices out many people who call London home.

Everyone recognises that solving this crisis can’t be left to traditional builders alone. For the first time in many years, councils’ ambitions to build more homes can become a reality and we stand side-by-side with them in our desire to deliver genuinely affordable homes.

“Both councils and housing associations are long-term investors and partners to London’s communities, and we have a shared mission to help those in housing need. We should form a united front to boost the number of quality, affordable homes we can build together.”

You can find out more about the G15’s Offer to London here.