Shared Ownership case study – meet Oliver and Kayleigh


07 December 2020

Oliver and Kayleigh say they’ve found the "perfect" home in their desired area of Tadworth, Surrey.
It’s a scenario which didn’t always seem possible, with one mortgage advisor suggesting they should consider moving to Wales to get onto the property ladder.
Luckily, through a Shared Ownership home with Optivo, they are now enjoying life in a stunning two bedroom apartment at De Burgh Gardens.
Kayleigh, 28, said: "We’ve wanted this since the start of our relationship and we were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. I’d never have thought we’d end up with a lovely two bedroom home with an ensuite – it’s incredible."
Oliver, 29, added: "It hit home this was really ours when we had the boxes everywhere and we sat down with a cup of tea for the first time. And it’s just a fantastic feeling."
The couple had been together six years and had been living with Oliver’s parents. Oliver’s dad sadly passed away in April, and it made them more determined to realise their dream of getting their own place.
They spotted the stylish home at De Burgh Gardens on the Share to Buy website and it immediately stood out.
It ticked the boxes for location, affordability, size, style and being a new build. Within days, one of the homes - which was still being built - had been allocated to them.
Oliver, a concierge and bookings coordinator for a leisure centre, said: “We would come down and stand at the roadside to see the progress! Optivo were brilliant. I spoke to Rohel (Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at Optivo) and he gave us all the information we needed and the whole process ran smoothly.”
Kayleigh, an assistant manager in retail, said: “We had our heart set on getting on the property ladder. We knew from friends that Shared Ownership was the best way to go.”
Oliver added: “We were told if we were going to buy we’d need about a £20,000 deposit. We looked at renting, but unlike Shared Ownership, we wouldn’t own anything.”
Tadworth is nestled on the North Downs between two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty with acres of open countryside and woodland on the doorstep. The traditional village shops include a butcher’s, a bakers and fishmonger’s, while it’s perfectly located within Surrey’s commuter belt.
Kayleigh added: “We love going out for walks and it’s a really friendly area. It took a while to get here. But we did it and we’re so happy!”

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