Remember, remember these safety tips this November


02 November 2021

IMAGE: A fireworks displayThis Bonfire Night is expected to be one of the busiest times of the year for our fire service.

We want you to stay safe while enjoying fireworks.

So we felt it was important to share the message below from the London Fire Brigade.

Charlie Pugsley, The London Fire Brigade’s Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety, said:

“We’re asking people to consider alternative ways to celebrate rather than hosting fireworks displays at home.

Find an organised fireworks display near you instead. They’re controlled and much safer, and it will also be more considerate for your neighbours and any pets. If you can’t attend an organised event, why not get creative with firework alternatives like glow sticks and garden lights.

If you do choose to use fireworks, make sure you familiarise yourself with our advice, ensure you have enough space to use fireworks, carefully read the instructions and stay safe.

Take care when buying fireworks, buy them from a reputable, licensed seller and always look for a CE mark to make sure they’re safe to use and only buy fireworks up to Category 3* (see LFB website for further details). 

Never drink alcohol and set off fireworks and don’t throw fireworks or return to a firework once it has been lit. It’s important to also be careful with sparklers, particularly with children, as they can stay hot enough to cause serious burns even after they burn out.”

* For further fire safety tips visit our web page here.