Optivo is buying energy for the years ahead!


11 February 2019image: woman changing a light bulb

Each year we buy £5 million worth of energy for our residents. This provides lighting and heating in hallways and lounges, and supports essential services.

By buying energy for the years ahead we aim to save residents money.

If you pay a service charge the cost of energy for the common areas will be included, so we’re committed to getting you the best value deals.

With energy becoming more expensive, it’s harder to keep costs low. That's why we’ve launched a new approach to save as much as we can by:
  • Buying energy up to three years in advance
  •  Forcing suppliers to bid against each other for our contracts
Optivo will work with your energy supplier to reduce the costs you pay. We’ll do this by:
  • Installing efficient lighting that uses less energy
  • Monitor usage to reduce energy waste.

Want to find out more?

You can find out more about our approach to sustainability on our website.

We can also help our customers to reduce the cost of their utility bills - find out more here.