Optivo assigned A1 rating by Moody’s


01 June 2017

Optivo’s credit rating has been upgraded by Moody’s to an A1, an upgrade from the A2 status previously held by AmicusHorizon.

Image: Sarah SmithSarah Smith, Executive Director of Finance & Resources said:

This result from Moody’s confirms our financial strength and capacity for growth. It will help us as we ask investors to support our ambitious investment plans. Optivo is open for business.

Our A1 rating is also based on an assessment by Moody’s of likely support for the sector from the Government, though the outlook on the rating does remain negative due to perceived risks and unknown factors around Brexit, as well as pressures on public finances. 

Moody’s also stated that Optivo benefited from Viridian’s low levels of historical debt as well as significant improvements in AmicusHorizon’s operating margins between 2013 – 2016.

You can find out more about our Moody's credit score on our Investors page.