Loneliness awareness week


18 June 2020

Since lockdown began, many of us have been apart from our family and friends. It hasn't been easy but we can all help each other stay connected through this difficult time. 

If you're feeling isolated, there are lots of little things you can do which may help, including:
  • Calling friends and family regularly
  • Playing games and quizzes together online
  • Helping someone vulnerable by delivering essentials safely to their door. 
There are also lots of other resources and support networks out there:
  • The NHS has lots of advice and information, including how to cope at home if you’re shielding or self-isolating
  • Helplines are also available for expert advice.

Let's Talk Loneliness

Let's Talk Loneliness is a Government campaign to get us all talking more about the issue. You can find lots of helpful advice and the support available on their website