Keep your home free from damp and mould this winter


11 January 2022

During the colder months, we all want to keep our homes warm. But damp and mould can appear if you don’t keep a small amount of fresh air flowing throughout your home.
These simple ideas will prevent condensation, damp and mould.


It's easy for the kitchen and bathroom to get steamed up - and that's what mould likes best. Try this instead:

This small change will make a big difference:


Mould spores are found everywhere and can grow on almost any substance where moisture is present. That could be flooring, walls, wooden cabinets, carpets, furniture, even shoes.

If the spores land on a moist surface, they begin to grow. So if you can avoid that happening in the first place, you’re cutting off the chance of mould taking hold.


 Washing clothes and keeping warm

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