Housing Associations have a key role in employment support says new report


20 October 2020

Optivo has played a leading role in influencing a new report highlighting how Government can help housing associations support people into work and training.
The report is the result of a six-month inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the links between housing and social mobility.
The inquiry aimed to discover the barriers to employment for those living in social housing and highlight what could be done to address these issues, with a particular emphasis on the support offered by housing associations.
Optivo staff and residents helped shape the APPG report’s recommendations at sounding boards, offering their thoughts on the most effective employment and training programmes.

William Miller, Social Impact Director at Optivo said: “We were keen to influence the inquiry and the recommendations that came out of it.  We’re encouraged to see the themes of the report reflect our own Social Impact Statement and work plan which launches in early November 2020.”
He continued: “At Optivo, we’ve long been committed to employment support and we work with our residents to meet their individual needs. We create support programmes that match their skills and talents to job opportunities.
“We’ve ambitions to support 5,000 people into employment and training opportunities over the next five years.”
London resident and Chair of Optivo’s Resident Strategy Group, Monica Barnes, agreed: “As an Optivo resident I’m really pleased to see the recognition in this report that housing associations have an important role to play in giving their residents access to jobs, training and skills programmes.

The employment activities run by Optivo offer a huge range of benefits including increasing job prospects and improved health and wellbeing. For this to be recognised and supported by Government will be a huge boost to social housing residents.”

Optivo’s training and employment support programmes such as Increase VS and Love London Working are making a tangible difference to many of those living in local communities.

In the last 12 months, Optivo has helped over 1,000 people into jobs and training.
Optivo Kent resident, Becky Breiner, attended a business start-up training course, she said:
“I managed to find this amazing group which is run by Optivo and now I have started my own business running song signing workshops. I wasn’t sure whether I should join but I’m so glad I did. I have such an array of ideas and perspectives when it comes to my business. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the support from Optivo and the Increase Team and everyone else in my training group.”

Read the Report in full here.