Help cut down on food waste this summer


23 July 2017

Lots of us have a checklist when we go on holiday, including packing the flip flops and buying the sun cream.

But how many of us think about what we’re going to do with all the food in our fridge when we’re away?

Food waste

Did you know £12 million worth of edible food will end up in the bin during the first week of this summer holiday?

And a staggering £1/2 billion worth will be needlessly binned in one year alone.

That’s why we’re supporting the new #TravellersCheck campaign, by charity Hubbub, to help cut down on holiday food waste.

Top tips to avoid waste

Before you head off for your well-deserved break this summer, make sure you check your fridge and think about taking these simple steps to avoid waste:

1. Can anything be frozen? Did you know you can put milk, eggs and hard cheese in the freezer? See this list for more information.
2. Can you gift anything to your neighbours, friends or family?
3. Try and finish all the odds and ends in your fridge before you go. Stuck for ideas? Find some more recipe ideas from Hubbub.

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