Give your feedback on social housing regulation


07 February 2022

The Regulator of Social Housing wants your feedback on how landlords such as Optivo are regulated.

The background

In November 2020 Government launched its Social Housing White Paper.
One of its key proposals was to launch a new set of ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’.
The idea is to help residents keep a better track of their landlord’s performance. And help the Regulator of Social Housing assess housing associations’ performance against its various standards.
The Regulator has now launched a consultation on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures and is asking for resident feedback.

What standards are proposed?

There are 22 proposed measures in all. Twelve of these are traditional satisfaction measures such as repairs and complaints handling. Ten will be taken from housing associations’ own management records. These cover various safety checks (e.g., on fire and gas safety). And the number of complaints and anti-social behaviour cases housing associations receive each year.
The Regulator wants to know whether these are the right things to be monitoring. Will they help you understand Optivo’s performance on the things that matter most to you?

How can I give my feedback?

There are two ways for you to give feedback. The simplest is to read the ‘easy-read’ version of the consultation and get in touch with the Regulator by email or in writing. The easy-read document contains all the contact details.
Or you can respond to the longer version of the Regulator’s survey here. You can start with a helpful summary document. You can then respond via the Regulator’s online survey, email or post. Contact details are provided in the consultation documents.

Deadline for feedback

The deadline for feeding back to the Regulator is 6.30pm on Thursday 3 March 2022.