'Fit for Life' creates friends for life in Stockwell!


29 January 2018

IMAGE: A group shot of the Fit for Life classA fitness class which has massively improved the health and wellbeing of people aged over 55 held a celebration event.

The group, whose ages range between 57 and 91, have been meeting every week at Lansdowne Green community centre in Stockwell since July.

The low impact class, organised by us and called ‘Fit for Life’, has been helping everyday movement get easier for over 55s.

Over 40 people from around the local area have experienced physical improvements from simple exercises and seen beautiful friendships blossom. The free to attend sessions also aim to combat loneliness and isolation.

Audrey Azar, who started to attend the classes six months ago, explained: “The class is great for the exercise and the company. I wasn’t doing anything before, apart from an everyday walkabout. Now I can do a lot more. It’s helped both physically and mentally.”

The celebration event, held on Tuesday (23 January) after an hour long class and including chair-based exercises, offered the group a chance to reflect on their achievements and the opportunity to grab a special lunch.

IMAGE: Some of the Fit for Life class membersLola Oyewusi, Community Worker from Optivo, said: “This project has been fantastic for the health and wellbeing of our older residents. It’s been amazing to witness the transformation in a little over six months. And it’s great to hear the positive feedback and the difference ‘Fit for Life’ has made to people’s lives.”

Fit for Life is a project funded as part of the London Community Foundation’s Lambeth Wellbeing Fund.

If you'd like to find out more about joining this class contact Lola Oyewusi on 0800 121 60 60 or email contactus@optivo.org.uk