Fire doors – saving lives and homes


20 September 2021
IMAGE: A photo showing flames

Fire doors save lives and homes. In fact, they’re often the first line of defence in a fire.

Here are a few things you can do to keep you and your neighbours safe:
  • IMAGE: Fire door keep shut signDon’t leave a fire door wedged or propped open
  • Your fire door should close by itself. To check this, hold it half way open, and check the latch engages when you let it go
  • If a fire door doesn’t close report it to us immediately
  • Never disconnect an automatic closer – the door is useless if it remains open, and it will allow the spread of smoke and fire
  • Don’t remove kitchen or other internal fire doors
  • If you’re fitting new carpets, make sure the door still closes smoothly – if it catches on the carpet pile, consider fitting rising hinges. Don’t trim the door!
  • Don’t make new openings in fire doors for cat flaps or letter boxes without seeking our advice
  • If you’re a homeowner and want to change your front door, you’ll need our permission.
It's Fire Door Safety Week between 20 to 26 September – you can find out more about the week here:
For more fire safety tips please visit our web page.