A warmer Winter


13 December 2021

Image: person turning up radiator temperature
We know as we head into winter, thinking of your energy bills can be daunting - this year more than ever. However – one thing is for certain, we’re always here for you.

Whether you’d like advice on how to keep your home warm on a budget, or support with managing your bills, we’re here to help.

Take a look below at our handy tips on keeping your home energy efficient:

  1. Use radiator reflectors

You can buy radiator reflectors from DIY stores at low cost and install them by placing them behind your radiators. This helps any heat lost from the back of your radiators to be reflected back into your room, meaning you’re getting the most from your heating.

  1. Invest in draught excluders

Draught excluders are really helpful by doors and windows that can let cold air in. You don’t need to break the bank buying them. Why not keep old fabric and make one yourself?

  1. Hang thick curtains 

Thick curtains help keep out the cold from windows and doors. Make sure to keep them drawn to keep the heat in! However, if it’s a sunny day – keeping your curtains open until the sun sets will allow the natural warmth from the sun into your home!

  1. Don’t block your radiators

We’re all guilty of placing furniture or other things in front of our radiators, but by ensuring these are clear of clutter means you’ll get the maximum impact from your central heating.

  1. Shut the doors in unused rooms

Shutting the doors in unused rooms means the heat in your home cannot escape to areas you don’t use. This will mean any heating you do have on in your home will stay in the areas you’re using the most and keep you warm for longer.
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