12 top tips for reducing the impact of driving


18 October 2018

image: drivingHere at Optivo we're passionate about sustainability. We’re striving to reduce our environmental impact to help manage our costs and to be a more responsible business.

One way to do this is to try and cut back on unnecessary driving.

There are also ways, when you get behind the wheel, to make your drive more eco-friendly.

Driving economically not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but it can also save you money by cutting back on fuel consumption.

Here are 12 top tips that could help you to reduce your fuel usage:
  1. Check your tyres - Underinflated tyres really rack up a car’s fuel consumption. Keeping your tyres pumped can save around £4 per tank.
  2. Keep your foot off the accelerator - When going downhill remain in first gear and take your foot off the gas.
  3. Avoid suddenly braking – Maintain a good distance from the car in front to avoid slamming on the brakes last minute.
  4. 4.    Avoid roof bars – Roof racks may be handy for the summer but causes a lot of frictional drag. Remove them when not in use.
  5. Avoid speeding – It’s no secret that driving recklessly sends fuel consumption through the roof, puts others in danger and there is a risk of penalties. Use speed limiters or cruise control if your car is equipped with these features.
  6. Avoid air conditioning - Air con uses a lot of fuel. Switch it off once you’ve got the right temperature. Why not pull down the windows instead?
  7. Switch it off - If you’re in standstill traffic, switching off the engine even for 15 seconds saves fuel.
  8. Keep a well-oiled machine - Always keep up with servicing. A well serviced car is more economical than a poorly maintained one.  
  9. Get a new car – Thinking of swapping for a newer model? Consider switching to an electric vehicle.
  10. Plan your journeys - Check the road traffic before you set off to avoid areas of congestion or look at journey planner and make the trip by public transport.
  11. Join a car share club - Look for local car share clubs. Joining a car club provides all the benefits of having a car but avoids all the difficulty of costs, servicing and parking.
  12. Be active - If you’re taking a short trip, don’t be lazy. Ditch the car and walk or cycle there instead.
We want to help our residents save money by managing their energy usage. As well as helping your bank balance it can also improve your health by reducing the impact on the environment.

If you’d like some advice on how you can be more environmentally aware so you can look to reduce your outgoings, we can offer some support.

For more information, read our energy efficency advice.image: Interreg logo

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