Delays to lift repairs because of a global shortage of parts


08 April 2022

We’re currently unable to repair lifts or door entries as quickly as we’d like. This is due to a global shortage of semiconductors and electrical components which is beyond our control.

Warden call systems, intercoms and many other pieces of equipment may also be impacted by the shortages.
The delay is likely to last until the end of the year and will affect everyone, not just Optivo. You may notice shortages in the shops, you’ll have to wait to buy a new mobile phone, home electronics or even a new car as the parts are not readily available.
Our contractors are working hard to find replacement parts and equipment from a variety of suppliers to reduce repair times wherever possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and will work to find solutions wherever possible as quickly as we can. 

If this is affecting you, please email or call us FREE on 0800 121 6060. We're here during office hours and we also operate an emergency out of hours service on this number.