Adaptations in your home

Image: A woman holding onto a hand rail in her home If you need help getting around your home, then we'll do all we can to make sure your home meets your needs.

We can provide equipment and make adaptations to your home so you can remain independent.

You can make a request for aids and adaptations you require in your home by completing the online application form in MyAccount.

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Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small adjustments to your home. These can be arranged without referrals from an occupational therapist. 

These include things like:
  • Handrails over the bath
  • Handrails to the outside of the front or back door
Please contact us to discuss further.

What if I need major alterations to my home?

We can also make bigger changes to your home such as:
  • Installing ramps to allow easy access
  • Putting in a downstairs toilet
  • Installing an easy access shower in place of a bath.
For these kind of changes you'll need to contact your local authority as you'll need an occupational therapist to assess your needs. They can then make recommendations to us so we can alter your home to meet your needs.

Alternatively, we may be able to help you with moving to a more suitable home that better suits your needs. You can make a request for any home improvements you want to make using our online service MyAccount.

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