The clever way to pay your rent

rent-flex helps you create a personalised rent payment plan so you pay less at those times of the year when money is tight, and slightly more when things are that little bit easier. 

We're pleased to be supporting the latest trial of rent-flex for our residents. If you've received an email or text from us inviting you to the trial, and you'd like to join, please go to the rent-flex site and register.

You'll need your tenancy reference number to register. You'll find this on your rent statements. If you're still unsure, email us. 

How does it work?

You still pay the same total of rent over the year, but how you pay it is flexible. 


How rent-flex is helping people like you

I was always borrowing!

01-Bills-and-letters.jpgJackie had taken another payday loan, she knew that always borrowing and using credit cards to pay for bills and rent was not a long-term solutino. She needed to tackle this spiralling problem and the support she received in helping to set up rent-flex helped a lot. 

Jackie set up payment plans and and received a grant to pay for her water debt so she could be in a good position to join rent-flex.

Once rent-flex was set up, her money situation was much more organised and in control, she used her rent-flex plan in August to help with the cost of school holidays and a new uniform for her son. 

"Rent-flex has helped a lot! Previously I felt that I had to take out a loan to pay the rent, but I started seeing things differently and now I manage without loans."

To register for rent-flex click here

My anxiety has gone away

Bank-Notes.jpgSunita just couldn’t understand how to get out of her spiralling debt and was going to counselling to help deal with the concerns around money that she had.

Using rent-flex helped her tackle the debt, which then helped with the anxiety and insomnia she was experiencing from money worries.

Rent-flex meant better support and better budgeting, dealing with the debt she had.

"Since being on rent-flex I haven’t really had anxiety and insomnia, it’s gone away."

To register for rent-flex click here

Easing the cost of school holidays

21-School-uniforms.jpgJane's summer had been difficult, she had run out of money during the school holidays with her five year old daughter, and that experience meant when rent-flex was offered to her she could see how it might help.

As a single parent with a part-time job there was no spare money when things got tight.

Rent-flex budgeting meant she could have access to additional money in August to buy new school uniforms and P.E. kit. Jane also chose to flex in December to cover the extra gas bill and new clothes for her daughter.

"I even had some extra money left over in January, which was good as it helped with the cost of food and other bills until (my daughter) went back to school."

To register for rent-flex click here

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