Home improvements

Image: A family decorating their home togetherUnder the terms of your lease, if you're living in a rental property then you'll need our permission to carry out improvements or alterations.

Apart from decorating, all improvements need our permission. So before you do anything, we ask that you contact us

If you're a leaseholder or shared owner, you are also required to inform us of any improvements or amendments to your home. Find out more about making adjustments to your home if you are a leaseholder or shared owner.


Making your own improvements

Image: Man installing a kitchenAs one of our tenants, we want to make sure any improvements you make to your home are good quality.

Just like any repair or improvement, the quality of the workmanship and materials are important.

You're free to choose paints and wallpapers to decorate your home to your own taste and you don't need our permission for this. However if you rent a property from us and you want to make other improvements to your home (e.g. installing a new kitchen, bathroom or conservatory) then you'll need our permission.

To get our permission for home improvements you must give us written details about the following:
  • What the work will involve
  • Who'll be carrying out the work and information on the contractor
  • How much it'll cost.
We'll need as much information as possible as we may need to carry out an inspection of your home. We also need to look at our own plans for your home.

Our planned works

Every year we carry out planned works on a large number of our rental properties; replacing or improving homes with new bathrooms, kitchens and double glazing.

We plan which homes will have replacement items based on the age and condition of the property.

If your home is due for work, we'll let you know what we're planning and when it's likely to happen.

Image: A woman holding onto a hand rail in her homeAids and adaptions

If you need help getting around your home, then we'll do all we can to make sure your home meets your needs.

We can provide equipment and make adaptations to your home so you can remain independent.

Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small adjustments to your home. These can be arranged without referrals from an occupational therapist. 

These include things like:
  • Handrails over the bath
  • Handrails to the outside of the front or back door
Please contact us to discuss further.

What if I need major alterations to my home?

We can also make bigger changes to your home such as:
  • Installing ramps to allow easy access
  • Putting in a downstairs toilet
  • Installing an easy access shower in place of a bath.
For these kind of changes you'll need to contact your local authority as you'll need an occupational therapist to assess your needs. They can then make recommendations to us so we can alter your home to meet your needs.

Alternatively, we may be able to help you with moving to a more suitable home that better suits your needs. Contact us to find out more.