Estate services

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We want your neighbourhood to be clean and pleasant to live in.  

We look after our neighbourhoods and communal areas. Our main duties include:

  • Regularly inspecting estates and communal areas (e.g. gardens, play areas)
  • Grounds maintenance (including grass cutting, weeding, pruning and tree work)
  • Cleaning (including floors, windows, stairs, car parks and paths)
  • Litter picking
  • Undertaking small estate improvements
  • Reporting communal repairs found on our inspections.

The services are the same regardless of where you live but how we deliver them can vary from region to region.

You can let us know about any issues in your neighbourhood by reporting them to us.

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What should you expect?

Regular inspections are carried out on your estates. We have quality standards that we check on every inspection. This includes:

1) Grass areas

Areas with grass will be cut regularly.

All cuttings will be swept from hard surfaces after.

2) Flower beds

We’ll maintain flower beds and we’ll renew plants and bedding when needed.


3) Hedges

We will make sure that hedges are not overgrown or causing an obstruction.

4) Hard surface areas

Roads, paths, alleyways, courtyards, car parks and washing line areas will be swept to keep them free from leaves, litter and weeds.

5) Trees

Overgrown tree shoots and saplings will be cut back and hanging tree branches under 2m will be removed.

Please note, we do not cut back trees to improve light or television signal.

6) External bin areas

We'll keep external bin areas free from over-spilled rubbish.

This includes litter bins and dog bins in communal areas.

7) Entrance doors

We'll clean the glass on internal and external doors.

We'll sweep entrance steps and make sure they are mopped.

The entrance lobby will be kept free from junk mail and newspapers.

8) Floors, staircases and balconies

All concrete, vinyl and carpeted floors, staircases and balconies will be cleaned.

This includes mats and mat wells.

9) Fixtures and fittings

Fixtures and fittings such as handrails, banister rails, ledges, furniture and switches will be cleaned and dusted.

10) Lights

Light diffusers, shades and covers will be cleaned and dusted.

11) Walls and eaves

Walls and eaves will be cleaned and dusted.

We will always look to remove graffiti and scuff marks where possible.

12) Communal windows

All internal glass on communal windows will be cleaned.

Frames, sills and ledges will be cleaned and dusted.

13) Lifts

All floors, doors, mirrors, panels and frames in lifts will be swept, mopped and kept clean and free from dirt and dust.

More information about our approach to lift management can be found here.

We quickly act on anything we pick up during these inspections. We take our findings to our contractors on a monthly basis. We ask them to address issues of concern and look for ways to improve the service.

Want to find out more? Read our Estate Service Standards leaflet.

Read our Estate service standards leaflet

Need to report something to us?

You can let us know about any issues in your neighbourhood by reporting them to us.

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How to deal with fly-tipping?

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Dumping rubbish (fly-tipping) is not only illegal, but it’s also unsightly and creates a negative impression of our estates.

If fly tipping is an issue where you live, report this to us. We can then take the necessary action to remove it from your neighbourhood and look to pass the costs involved onto the perpetrators.

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