Fire safety & cladding

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The safety of residents is our number one priority. We have robust procedures and comprehensive controls in place regarding fire safety which are reviewed and tested on a regular basis. We want to ensure all of our buildings continually meet the highest fire safety standards.

We want to make sure our residents are safe in the building they live in. It’s why we’re doing everything we can to comply with all the Government guidance and regulations to ensure all our buildings meet the required standards.

What's the latest position following the announcement made by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities about building safety on 10 January 2022?

The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities addressed Parliament about building safety on 10 January 2022. 

We welcome the announcement that government will do more to hold accountable the developers, contractors and manufacturers who’ve contributed to the building safety crisis. Optivo has been working hard to protect our leaseholders by pursuing developers and other third parties for costs. We hope the government’s new measures will expedite these efforts. 

We also welcome the commitment to securing additional funding to help protect leaseholders from cladding remediation costs. But fire safety goes beyond cladding, so we support calls from the G15 for a comprehensive solution to protect leaseholders in all buildings from the full range of potential costs. 

We’ll be reviewing our fire risk assessments against the government’s new fire safety guidance advice and imminent legislation. Our approach to fire safety will remain proportionate and we’ll only carry out works where they’re required.

Once our teams have been able to review the details behind these announcements, we’ll update affected leaseholders about what the new measures mean for their building. 

Keeping our residents safe in their building remains our number one priority.

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