Coronavirus: Social distancing

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The impact of Covid-19 means that people are now staying at home for longer periods than normal.

This can have an impact on our neighbours and those in our community. The information on this page looks to provide guidance to Optivo residents concerned about breach of the Government's rule of six guidance.

Government guidance on the rule of six, social distancing and your neighbours.

 The latest government guidance relating to COVID-19 social distancing is known as the ‘rule of six’.  

In most circumstances, it’s now a breach of guidance if more than six people gather together. This means Optivo residents should not gather in groups of more than six in a home, garden, communal area or on the street unless they’re from the same household or meet specific exceptions.

What to do if you see other residents gathering in groups of more than six

Please call the police. They’ve been given special powers to deal with this. It’s likely the rule of six will result in a significant increase in calls to the police. They’ll decide the best way to respond to your report.  Please follow any advice they give you.

What will Optivo do if a tenant breaches the rule of six or other social distancing guidance  

If you report an isolated breach of the rule of six (or other social distancing guidance) to us, we’ll advise you to report it to the police. We won’t take any other action ourselves.
However we’ll take action in the following situations:
  • Where we’ve evidence of anti-social behaviour (ASB) which also breaches the rule of six (or other social distancing guidance). For example, your neighbour played really loud music and they had at least 10 visitors

  • If there’s persistent breaches of the rule of six (or other social distancing guidance) and either the police or Optivo think action is needed. We may call or write to remind them of the need to follow government guidance.
We’re asking our residents to:image: two people social distancing outside wearing masks
  • Be tolerant since these are challenging times for all of us

  • Manage the noise from their home and be considerate of neighbours.

  • Be aware we may be busier than usual due the pandemic and may take longer to respond

  • Follow all social distancing guidance 
You can get more social distancing guidance from the government website. We also have information available on our website here.


What isn’t ASB?

Please be aware there are certain things we don’t deal with as ASB such as children playing, babies crying and noise from moving around or using a home.

Find out more about our approach to anti social behaviour.

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