Value for money

Image: value for money

It’s a time of unprecedented change for housing associations and their residents, and we’re responding positively to this challenge.

We’re driving efficiency as measured through improvements to our operating margin and reducing unit costs. We’re committed to delivering value for money across all parts of our business, and have identified a number of themes: 
  • Embedding a culture of cost awareness, efficiency and value
  • Driving out waste from our processes
  • Continuing to make the most of our assets
  • Using our scale to drive value from the services we buy from others
  • Measuring our costs and benchmarking them using independent evaluation.
Viridian and AmicusHorizon have a good track record of keeping rent arrears low and rent loss through empty homes to a minimum. We’ll build on this success as Optivo.

Customer expectations are changing, and we need to respond with  greater flexibility, speed, and efficiency. We’ll do this  through innovation offering more and better services online, and by using technology to automate processes. We’ll work with our residents and staff to offer exceptional services, efficiently.

Want to find out more?

We're very proud of our work to continue to improve value for money. For more information, please read our Value For Money Strategy as well as our VFM Annual Reports for both AmicusHorizon and Viridian Housing.