Secured Bonds

Image: Secure bonds

Optivo £250 million issue March 2018

Optivo launched a second bond issue of £250 million into the capital markets in March 2018 with a coupon of 3.283%.

Optivo provided a total of 2,336 property units of various tenures as security for the bond issue. The security valuation of £310.8 million provides a surplus of 10% over the full £250 million issue, of which £100 million is retained.

The valuation can be viewed here: Optivo Bond Security Valuation 2018

Optivo £150 million issue March 2012 (as AmicusHorizon)

AmicusHorizon launched its debut £150 million bond issue into the capital markets in March 2012 with a coupon of 5.25%.

AmicusHorizon issued £100 million of bond initially, at a spread of 215bps over the 4.5% 2042 gilt, with an all in yield of 5.362%. The remaining £50 million of bonds were sold in July 2013 for settlement in September 2013, at a spread of 120 bps with an all in yield of 4.681%. 

Security for the bond issue was re-valued in July 2018, with the valuation showing a surplus of approximately 4% over the required asset cover.

View our bond security valuations here: