Retirement housing

Image: A happy older woman from one of our extra care schemes smiling

Are you struggling with steps or a garden?  Do you want to be closer to your family or friends? 
Do you want to ‘downsize’ or move somewhere safe and secure?  Do you rely on carers but want to be more independent?

If so, we could have the option that's perfect for you!

Housing options for older people:

You can find out more about the housing options available for older people in the table below. To read more, please select the appropriate link in the first column.
  Your own apartment? 24-hour security and help Fully-accessible Onsite staff Rent or buy?

Over-50s apartments and bungalows
Image: tick In some schemes Some are image: red cross 
For rent
Sheltered housing Image: tick Image: tick Image: tick Scheme manager support service (weekdays)
For rent
Extra care housing Image: tick
Plus onsite restaurant in some schemes
Image: tick Image: tick 24/7 care team and Optivo scheme managers (weekdays) For rent or shared ownership
Care home Your own room Image: tick Image: tick 24/7 care team Room rate