Ending your garage rental agreement

If you currently rent a garage from us and wish to terminate this agreement then you can do this by completing our online form.

In completing this form you are agreeing to the following:
  • You are confirming that you are giving us one full week’s notice to end the rental of your garage.
  • Termination date must be a Sunday.
  • You will clear the garage of all goods and rubbish and return the keys to the area office on or before 12 noon on the Monday immediately following the end date.
  • You understand if you don’t return the keys on this date, your licence will still end and Optivo will change the locks.
  • If Optivo has to clear goods left in the garage, change the locks, or carry out any repairs which are your responsibility, you understand you’ll be charged for the work.
  • You understand Optivo has the right to sell or otherwise dispose of any goods left in the garage after the termination date. 
If you agree to all the above please complete the form below: