Preserved Right to Buy

image: Preserved Right to Buy

The Preserved Right to Buy (known as PRTB) is a legal right given to former tenants of local authorities with a secure tenancy, to buy their home. The government publishes the maximum discounts available on their website.

The Right to Buy your home only applies if you were living in a property with the following local authorities on these dates:

  • Tenants of London Borough of Lambeth who were living on the Lansdowne Green Estate on 20 July 1998
  • Tenants of Swale Borough Council on 28 March 1990
  • Tenants of Hastings Borough Council on 22 February 1996
  • Tenants of Rother District Council on 1 May 1998
  • Tenants living at St Martins estate on 25 October 1999.

If you are a tenant and were living in one of our homes within the above local authorities during the qualifying times, then your Right to Buy may have been preserved when the property was transferred from the Council’s ownership to ours.

You’d therefore be eligible to apply to purchase it, as long as you qualify under the Housing Act 1985 and the property you live in is not a type excluded under the RTB legislation.

How does it work?

You can find out if you’re eligible to buy the home you rent by completing our online form.

Our team will then review your enquiry. If we think you may be eligible we will send you an application pack.

If you are not eligible for the Right to Buy (RTB) scheme or any other schemes we will write to you to explain why. We'll contact you within 10 working days to confirm.

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