Building new homes

Optivo are increasing the number of new homes we build. A new development from OptivoWe’ll be investing £3.5bn in new homes over the next ten years.

We’re funding a development programme of 1,500 homes each year.

We’ll raise £1.5bn new finance to support our growth programme – putting us in a powerful position to tackle the housing crisis.

We’re developing new homes for:
  • Rent – including Affordable and Social Rent products
  • Shared Ownership 
  • Open Market Sale.
Find out more about current and future developments below.

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Development opportunities

It’s an exciting time for Optivo. Our merger in May 2017 has given us the capacity to grow our development programme to more than 1,500 homes per year.


Growth Requirements

image: A new build development from OptivoThe majority of these new homes will be in London and South East with some targeted homes in the Midlands.

We’re seeking a pipeline of medium term (3-5 years) and longer term (over 5 years) land on sites that’ll deliver between 50-300 homes.

As well as larger sites we’ll deliver independently we will also consider unconditional land deals as well as those linked to planning, Joint Ventures, Option Agreements and regeneration opportunities.

We’re enhancing our network of land contacts to ensure we have got the right type, and volume, of land to allow us to meet our aims. We’re able to make offers quickly and pride ourselves on building longer term relationships in the property sector.

Our approval processes have been streamlined. Our New Business Team can provide indicative offers based on limited information and respond to tight deadlines.


Our areas of interest

We’d prefer sites in an area where we have a stockholding. We’re also interested in opportunities for market rented homes, NHS Key Worker housing and student accommodation.

The combined list of areas below is where we own housing stock so we’d be keen to secure more in these areas. However, we’ll also consider working in other areas if the site is sufficiently close to existing stock or perhaps is a size that makes entry into that geographic market justifiable.

Our maps below shows the areas we’d like to grow our development programme.

A Priority 1 area is where we’ll consider all housing/land opportunities from 30 to 1,000 homes. Priority 2 is an area which must be a critical mass of homes (100 plus per site).



Please get in touch to discuss your ideas

We’re happy to discuss different Joint Venture mechanisms, either with land owners or developer/housebuilders or local authorities. We’ll develop in new areas where we don’t currently operate, if the development is large enough to create a critical mass of homes to sell or manage.

If you’ve a development opportunity you’d like to discuss with us please contact us using the form below.

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