Our social impact

image: a resident smiling in their front garden

We aim to make a difference and work to support our residents and communities. Enhancing Lives is key to our mission.  

The work we do to bring communities together often helps resolve anti social behaviour concerns. Our Strategic Plan 2020-25 has been launched with ambitious plans to help 5,000 people into jobs and training by 2025.


Where do we operate?

We operate in some of the UK’s poorest neighbourhoods. 

We adapt our activities and projects to meet residents’ needs and priorities using local community insight.


Our priorities:

We focus on inspiring our residents to reach their full potential. Our activities boost confidence, skills, job prospects and health and wellbeing.
  1. Jobs, training and skills

    We want to support residents into secure jobs. Find out how we can help here.

  2. Volunteering, health and wellbeing

    Helping people to gain confidence, we’ll support people who feel isolated or have significant barriers securing work.

    Interested in becoming an Optivo volunteer? Here's how you can support us.
  3. Empowering people to develop their futures

    We’re passionate about supporting people with their personal development, helping vulnerable residents transform their lives.  Our own specialist charity, Fresh Visions, helps us achieve this.

  4. Involving, assisting and supporting people

    Our teams can provide specialist support for residents on a range of topics including financial guidance, computer and internet skills and energy efficiency advice.
  5. Developing partnerships

    We’ll work with our supply chain businesses to find jobs and opportunities to improve skills for our residents.

    Find out how we can help here.

Our projects: