Strategies and policies

Image: Strategy and plans
When you want to delve a bit deeper into how we do things and our plans for the future this is the place to look.

A range of strategies and policies can be found listed below:


Compensation Policy

This policy outlines when you can claim compensation and how we’ll compensate you.

Read our Compensation Policy [PDF 296KB].

Complaints Resolution Policy

This policy explains how you can make a complaint and the complaints process we'll follow.

Please view the "Tell us" webpage for further information on how to make a comment, complaint or compliment.

Alternatively please click here to read our Complaints Resolution Policy [PDF 655kb].


Customer Experience Statement - "Together better"

Our Customer Experience Statement explains how we'll support you.

Read our Together Better Strategy to find out more.

Data Protection Policy

Our Data Protection Policy outlines how we’ll:
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Ensure all staff involved in processing personal information understand their responsibilities
  • Provide staff with adequate information and training to fulfil their responsibilities
  • Deal with a subject access request
  • Report a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Assure all people we hold data about, we’ll process and store their personal information in accordance with the Act.
For more information please read our Privacy notice webpage or click here to view a PDF version of our Data Protection Policy (PDF, 496KB)

Domestic Abuse Policy

This policy explains our approach to domestic abuse. It includes what we'll do:
  • When you report domestic abuse to us
  • To help protect you if you are suffering from domestic abuse.

You can find out more about about our approach to domestic abuse here.

Alternatively please click here to read our Domestic Abuse Policy [PDF 188kb].

Housing Options & Lettings Policy

Our Housing Options Policy outlines the range of housing options we offer and who can access them. It helps us make sure we allocate our homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way.

Read our Housing Options Policy [PDF 288KB].

Probity Policy

Our Probity Policy outlines the standards of conduct for staff to deliver a quality service to our residents and community.

Read our Probity Policy here (PDF, 274KB)


Safeguarding Policy

Contractors providing front-line services need to make sure their staff are safe.

Please read our Safeguarding page for further information or click here to open our Safeguarding Policy (PDF, KB).


Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2020

We are hugely excited at Optivo to be working together with our residents to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives.

Read our Strategic Plan for 2017-20 for full details

Service Charge Dispute Resolution Policy

When calculating service charges we always try to make sure we:
  • Calculate them correctly and fairly
  • Follow the legal consultation requirements (these only apply to variable service charge payers).
Our Service Charge Dispute Resolution Policy outlines what action you can take if you feel we have not done this, and what we’ll do to resolve your dispute.

Read our Service Charge Dispute Resolution Policy.

Whistle Blowing Policy and Guidance

We're committed to the highest standards of conduct, quality, probity, openness and accountability and expect the same commitment from employees and consultants and contractors.

Read our Whistle Blowing Policy (320KB) and the Whistle Blowing Guidance (204KB).

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Optivo we value, celebrate and embrace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

Our Board drives our approach and commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. We believe our differences make us stronger and more effective in meeting our business objectives.

Respect is one of our organisational values and is reflected in everything we do.

Read our EDI Statement.


Supplier Code of Conduct and Expected Behaviours Code

We believe in offering excellent customer service to our residents and expect the same commitment from employees, consultants and contractors.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Expected Behaviours Code makes it clear what we expect from those we work with.

Empty Homes Standard

Our promise to you is your new home will be clean, safe, secure and in good repair. 
This document lays out the minimum standards you can expect when you move into your new home. What exactly do we mean by Clean, Safe and Secure?  And what does “Good repair” mean? It’s all explained in our Empty Homes Standard.

For more information, read our Empty Homes Standard policy.

Anti-Fraud & Money Laundering Policies

Optivo is committed to the highest ethical standards and good governance and adopts a zero tolerance to fraud, bribery and corruption.

The policy documents below outline our commitment to this:

Mobility Vehicle Policy

For many people, mobility vehicles are integral to addressing mobility needs. For local journeys, they’re a practical alternative to a car and this is a prime reason for their increasing ownership and use.

Our Policy balances residents’ needs and aspirations to own mobility vehicles with health and safety concerns for other residents, staff and visitors.

This Policy outlines the rules for Class 2 and Class 3 mobility vehicles in our homes. This includes powered wheelchairs, buggies and scooters

Resident Governance Policies and Terms of Reference

Provision of Goods and Services

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions as well as the subject to which the Supplier agrees to provide the Goods/ Services and/ or Services (as applicable) to Optivo on a non-exclusive basis.

For more information, read our Standard Contract Terms and Conditions.

Tenure Policy

Our Tenure Policy relates to our rented homes, with the exception of Keyworker Accommodation, Student Accommodation, and Care Homes. The policy includes:
  • The types of occupation or tenancy agreement we use
  • Sustaining tenancies, supporting vulnerable tenants and preventing unnecessary eviction
  • Assignment, succession, joint tenancy, mutual exchange
  • Tenancy fraud.
Read our Tunure policy for full details.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

This policy applies to all residents, colleagues and contractors. It outlines how we deal with ASB including hate incidents or crimes.

For more information, please read our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Arrears and Sundry Debt Policy

This policy advises how we'll prevent and reduce arrears and other debts. This policy covers:
  • What happens if you get in arrears or owe us money
  • Our approach to collecting rental income
  • Other consequences of being in arrears and in debt to us
  • What we do if your tenancy ends and you owe us money.
For more information, please read our Arrears and Sundry Debt Policy.

Rent Setting Policy

This Policy describes the methodologies for changing annual rents and for setting new rents.

For more information, please read our Rent Setting Policy.

Replacement Homes Policy

This policy outlines our approach when we ask you to move from your home, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

For more information, please read our Replacement Homes Policy.

Chargeable Repairs Policy

Our Chargeable Repairs policy sets out our approach to charging residents for repairs and related costs they're responsible for. This policy covers:
  • When we'll charge for repairs
  • How we'll charge for repairs
  • What happens if residents don't pay recharges
  • What residents can do it they're not happy with a charge.
Read our Chargeable Repairs policy for more information.

Heating & Hot Water policy

Our Heating & Hot Water Policy outlines how and when we'll service heating and hot water systems. It aims to ensure all our heating and hot water systems are regularly serviced and operate safely.

Read our Heating & Hot Water policy for more information.

Responsive Repairs Policy

At Optivo, we want you to be happy in your home and with the services we provide. We offer a range of services, one of the most important being our day-to-day repairs service. A reliable repairs service keeps you safe, secure and warm as well as protecting your home for future generations.

Read our Responsive Repairs Policy for more information.

Pets Policy

Our Pets Policy outlines our approach to dealing with pets in residents' homes. 

This policy applies to residents living in general needs, retirement, shared ownership or leasehold properties.

Read our Pets Policy for more information.

Access Policy

This Policy outlines our approach in a situation where we would need to obtain access to your home (including gardens and other outside areas). It covers:
  • When we may need to access your home
  • Responsibilities
  • What we’ll do if you do not allow us access.
For more information, please read our Access Policy.