Shared Ownership in Brighton

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It’s known for its beautiful coastline and popular seaside amusements, but Brighton is much more than just a tourist hotspot.

With its trendy shops, vibrant music scene and eclectic range of restaurants, Brighton is a city that embraces diversity and offers something for everyone. Known as the ‘Trendiest city in the UK’, it’s easy to see why Brighton is such a popular place to live.

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We have a wide range of homes available through Shared Ownership in Brighton and Sussex. 

What is Shared Ownership? With Shared Ownership you only need to pay a mortgage and find a deposit for the share of the property that you purchase. You then pay rent monthly to us for the share remaining. If you’re keen to buy a new home, then Shared Ownership is a great option to consider as it removes the need for you to save up a more sizeable starting deposit.

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