Employability Day – Enhancing Lives through Jobs and Training


14 July 2017

It’s Employability Day - a chance to showcase the great work the employability support the sector gives to those looking for work.

At Optivo we have a dedicated Employment team who have helped hundreds of residents.

We’ve built partnerships with employers, local authorities and job centres which enables us help you access jobs across London, Sussex, the Midlands and Kent.

We also work with training providers and experts across the sector to help you boost your skills, including interview technique, CV and application writing. 

Resident Selina Singh came to us for help when she struggled to get back into employment after a short break.

She said: “I’d worked at a bank for 10 years but decided to have a three-month break. When I came to applying for jobs again I found it really daunting. I realised the last time I’d done it was when I was at school.

“I felt quite stressed and alone in the process – being in the big wide world of the unemployed is very scary.

“Optivo helped me onto a training course that gave me the confidence to go ahead and apply for jobs that I would not have usually gone for. It also helped me with the whole application process – from writing supporting statements to my CV – which can be really difficult.

“As a result, I got a new job in customer services. I would definitely recommend any resident speaking to the Employment team if they’re in the same situation.”

We helped resident Malikah Faucher-Wynter into an administration role when she didn’t know which way to turn.

She said: “I was a bit here, there and everywhere. I didn’t know what job would be best for me or what channels to go through. Optivo helped me with interview training and worked on my CV. I did training courses and workshops that really helped me gain lots of confidence.

“The Employment team can really help if you’re struggling to find work, or struggling to find that right fit within your current job.”

Our target for the future is to get 870 people per year into jobs and training.

Leanne Stephney, Optivo Employment team, said: “Our job is to get people to realise their potential and flourish.

“Often when people come to us they can be confused about what direction to go in. They may have been through some hard times. Their confidence might be low and they don’t really believe in themselves.

“Through the help we’re able to give them, we empower them with skills and you see a complete change in the person.”

Get in touch

If you’re a resident and you’d like to know more about how we can support you, contact us. If you’re an employer or training provider and you’re interested in working together, please get in touch. www.optivo.org.uk/contactus

If you’re interested in a job with Optivo, visit our Jobs page.

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