New campaign challenges negative perceptions


01 March 2018

IMAGE: Housing Minister Dominic Raab at the launch of Benefit to Society campaignA campaign which aims to end negative social housing stereotypes has launched at the House of Commons.

Optivo residents Patricia and Mark joined many tenants who travelled to parliament on Wednesday 28 February to tell their MPs – recognise us a benefit to society.

They were there for the launch of Benefit to Society, a campaign aiming to change public perceptions about who lives in social housing.

We’re proud to be one of the sponsor organisations of the campaign.

A national survey shows more than 90% of social housing tenants feel they are portrayed in a negative way. Now they are asking their elected representatives to take action.

MPs were urged by tenants to sign up to an online pledge, which can be found at and to meet with them at the campaign launch.

Campaign organiser and Director of Tpas (Tenant Engagement experts), Leslie Channon said: “We know that 70% of people living in social housing are in work or retired. Only 7% are unemployed. The remainder of people are unable to work because they are carers or due to disability. Yet if you believed the media portrayal and the awful language used about where people live like ‘sink estates’ you would have a very different and biased view. Benefit to Society is about setting the record straight.”

Further information about the campaign can be found here:

* Optivo resident Mark also appeared on BBC Radio London yesterday - you can listen to the interview from about 17 minutes 45 seconds here: