Changes to Rent and Service Charge for 2018/19


19 February 2018

In April 2018 your rent and/or service charge may change. If it is changing, you'll receive a letter from us explaining the changes to your charges. Some of the key points are explained below.Image: Man checking payments on laptop
  • The basic rent change for all general needs, assured tenancies from April 2018 will decrease by 1%. If you have a service charge, your new charge will be based on the cost of providing the services.

  • For Fair Rent Tenancies the rules are slightly different and most will decrease by 1%, but if your current rent is below the registered rent for your home you may see a smaller decrease or small increase in your rent. Service charges are based on the cost of providing the service.
For other tenure types below we will apply a percentage increase based on your lease or agreement with us:
  • if you have a lease with Optivo
  • or your home is in one of our Market Rent schemes,
  • your property is managed by Optivo on behalf of a Local Authority or another landlord.
If you get housing benefit and it’s paid to us, we’ve already told them about your new rent and charges. If housing benefit is paid to you please take this letter to (input Local Authority) for them to recalculate your claim.

If you’re in receipt of Universal Credit (whether it is paid to us or direct to you) you’ll need to notify Universal Credit of the change in your rent and charges. Please note you’re unable to advise Universal Credit of this change until after the date the change has happened. For example if your rent is changing from the 2nd April 2018 you’ll need to notify Universal Credit from the 3rd of April 2018.

All 2018/19 garage charges will be charged for every week of the year e.g 52 weeks of the year.

If you'd like further information, please contact us.

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