Asset Management Strategy

Publication type: Strategies

Following a period of intensive consultation, a lot of research and lively discussion our new Asset Management Strategy 2018 – 2021 was approved by our Board on 28 March!  We are delighted to present it to you now.
Neal Ackcral, Executive Director of Property and Asset Management, said “Yes we are in transition still but we are moving forward with pace. The great thing about this strategy is, despite everything we are doing now to complete our integration, it has a firm handle on the future.

Our strategy has three themes:
  • Keeping our residents safe with easy access to our social impact initiatives
  • Providing Sector Leading Services
  • Making the best use of our assets
Under each of these themes, we have packed in the things that matter most to our residents, our Board, our Regulator, our partners and to you, our colleagues.  Its fresh, exciting and will ensure our continued success.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We do have to become more strategic in how we prioritise our investments and continue our drive for efficiency.  This strategy enables our directorate to play an even more significant role in helping to solve the UK Housing Crisis, which must be something to celebrate!”

For more information, please read our Asset Management Strategy.